Making safety instructions entertaining and identifiable.

The world is full of things we have to learn, new knowledge we have to take in, something that is important to do our work. At the same time, the competition for our attention is greater than ever before. We are used to watching high-quality films, so we also expect that when we go to work. It has to be entertaining and relatable, or we’re not really listening.

Ever since we started, we have specialised in making films with a message and we have produced safety and instruction films for various Danish and international companies.

Keeping the same clients for more than 35 years for is both an honour and an obligation. We stand firmly on our vast experience, while we keep looking toward future technologies.

We know how important it is for our clients to work with someone who understand the world of safety. We know that every detail matter and we strive to understand every aspect of our clients’ areas of safety instructions.

With a broad background in storytelling and communication, we recognise the need to get the attention from our viewers and to keep them committed. In short, we need to entertain and inform at the same time, so we work with 3 factors: identification, entertainment and understanding.


Making the mandatory fascinating

The viewers of your safety instruction do not choose to see the films, it is always part of a mandatory teaching course. But this does not reduce the need to get the viewers aligned with the values and directions. On the contrary.

We strive to make safety something to be proud of, and we believe the safety instructions offer a unique possibility to convey the company’s values and story to the employees and contractors.

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Making the boring fun

To most workers, sitting in a warm classroom or behind a screen just listening is quite challenging. Making the instructions surprising and entertaining helps getting the message across.

We work with animations to show the gravity in a light and fun manner. And we change pace and storytelling methods to keep the viewer alert.  

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Making the complex simple

Instructions are often complex and information dense and can seem overwhelming to many. The film media demands that the complex is made understandable and relatable.

We understand safety and we take responsibility for the whole process. We help you organise information and advice on which media too use when. Sometimes film is not the right media.

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Pinpoint communication and learning

Together with our clients we have developed a learning and certification system. The system is flexible and can be composed to the company’s specific need. The system can accommodate all media formats and consist of a data module and a course module. It makes it easy to give the employees and contractors just the specific teaching courses that are needed. The certification system integrates with most administrative IT systems.


Technology changes, storytelling remains

Our company started because a group of friends believed in the technology of the future. This is a legacy we bring with us, and we are constantly looking for new solutions and enthusiastic to adapt whatever creates a better product. But only when it actually brings something better to the table, because often the simple solution is the best.


We are always happy to talk and discuss possibilities and solutions.

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The company was founded almost 50 years ago by a group of friends. Today it is second generation who has taken over.
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